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Fatcat 4000 caters to the needs of any boatie with its ample space and customizable features

from $19,895 / boat, trailer + motor package

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FatCat 4000 Feedback

FatCat owners are varied in their primary use and enviroments but they all have one thing in common - they rave about their boats!

Rob & Louisa Currie
Rob & Louisa Currie

FatCat 4000 (Tiller) - Great Barrier Island

Having a boat-only access property comes with plenty of challenges - the FatCat solved so many of them. The space and stability mean it can be loaded with building supplies, gear and people safely. Added plus is our teens & their mates use it as a pontoon for popping manu's!

Stephen Newman
Stephen Newman

Great Barrier Island

My world has opened up dramatically going from a 4m alloy dinghy to a FatCat 4000. It's easily tripled in size in terms of comfort, distance I can travel, stability, space, size, height. We do things in this boat we’d never dream of in the other - It’s just so easy. I use the boat for fishing, diving, snorkling. I catch Kingi’s off it.

Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson

Camo FatCat 4000 Fisherman (Tiller) - Wanaka

Richard bought a camo FatCat 4000 that is used on lake Wanaka and other South Island lakes. He loves the space inside for taking his family and going flyfishing from. “Service that is second to none!” “Exemplary sales and support”

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